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Who should I speak to if I have a question about the included travel insurance? 2018-05-29T03:16:26+00:00

Please call us in the first instance. Depending on the nature of the query, we may need to refer you to SureSave, but we will be able to help with most questions.

Can I come on the tour? 2018-07-24T03:24:15+00:00

It is the school’s decision whether or not parents can join the tour. Please see the organising teacher for clarification.

Can I have a copy of the itinerary? 2018-05-29T03:17:37+00:00

A basic itinerary can be found on the tour flyer, distributed to the school. A more detailed itinerary, including hotel and flight information, will be given to all participating students and their parents at the pre-departure meeting, usually scheduled four weeks prior to departure.

Who are your tour managers? 2018-07-24T03:24:51+00:00

Academy Travel employs a variety of tour managers, both Australian-based and Europe-based. Some of our tour leaders are specialists in their chosen field, such as art or history. Some are qualified school teachers. Others work professionally in the tourism industry year-round. All of our tour managers are experienced, enthusiastic and committed to providing the best tour experience possible.

What style of accommodation do you use? 2018-05-29T03:18:38+00:00

Our hotels are usually of 3-star ratings, in a central location, near public transport or within walking distance of sights. Students will be in multi-share rooms with ensuite bathrooms. We do not use hostels or campsites.

Who decides who my child rooms with? 2018-07-24T03:25:25+00:00

The organising teacher provides Academy Travel with a recommended rooming breakdown.

How much free time will my child have on tour? 2018-05-29T03:19:32+00:00

The primary purpose of Academy Travel’s tours is education, so free time is limited, though this does vary from group to group. Please contact us for more information about your child’s tour itinerary.

I have a relative who would like to see my child while they are on tour – how do I organise this? 2018-05-29T03:20:10+00:00

First, please obtain permission from the school. Once the school has given written permission, we can help facilitate this.

Can my child earn frequent flyer miles on this trip? 2018-05-29T03:20:47+00:00

Frequent flyer miles may be earnt on your child’s international flights, depending on the type of fare. Fare types vary from group to group, so please contact us to find out more.

How does Academy Travel monitor and manage safety and security? 2019-11-12T02:31:03+00:00

Academy Travel has a comprehensive risk management plan that outlines every possible scenario from minor to major and the steps to follow should they occur. This is provided to the school and relevant approving body prior to departure.

We also monitor the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) travel advisories to all destinations we have groups travelling to on a daily basis. Should the level decrease to ‘Reconsider your need to travel’ or ‘Do not travel’ to any areas, in negotiation with the school we would come up with an alternative itinerary. There would be no additional cost to participants. Should you have personal concerns about the safety of a destination and choose to cancel your child from the tour without a change in the DFAT travel advisory, normal cancellation fees will apply.

What would happen in an emergency situation? 2018-05-29T03:13:05+00:00

The safety and security of our groups is Academy Travel’s number one priority. Academy Travel’s Sydney and Rome offices will maintain constant contact with the tour manager and organizing teacher in the event of an emergency. Decisions about the tour group’s itinerary will be made in line with the nature of the emergency and any government recommendations.

Do I have to register my child with Smart Traveller? 2018-05-29T03:12:23+00:00

Academy Travel registers all our tour passengers with the Department of Foreign Affairs for your peace of mind. However, if your child is undertaking additional travel before or after the tour, you will need to register this separately.

What happens if my child falls ill on tour? 2018-05-29T03:14:35+00:00

It is Academy Travel’s policy that a supervising teacher will remain at the hotel with a student who is not well enough to participate in the group’s activities for the day. In the event they require a visit to a hospital or doctor, our qualified tour managers are well-equipped to arrange this at short notice and ensure your child is accompanied during their treatment. Academy Travel can also assist with travel insurance claims if the need arises.

Does my child need any immunisations for the tour? 2018-05-29T03:15:00+00:00

Generally speaking, there are no mandatory immunisations for Europe or North America. Asia and South America have many recommended vaccinations, depending on the destination. However, these requirements are constantly being reviewed and updated. As each child has a unique medical history, we recommend asking your GP what immunisations they recommend, regardless of where the tour is travelling to.

Can they carry their medication? 2018-05-29T03:15:36+00:00

Certainly, though Academy Travel strongly recommends that any medication your child needs while on tour is in its original packaging, and accompanied by either a copy of the prescription itself or a letter from their GP. For some destinations, a translation will be required. We can help arrange a professional medical translation if needed – please contact us for details.

How do I make payments for my child’s tour? 2018-05-29T03:05:59+00:00

Academy Travel accepts credit card (fees apply), cheque and direct deposit. Please contact us for details.

When are payments due? 2018-05-29T03:06:28+00:00

Please refer to the letter in your welcome pack for all important payment dates, or contact us for details. Generally speaking, the final balance is due 70 days prior to departure from Australia.

Do I have to pay as per the instalment plan? 2018-05-29T03:07:23+00:00

Academy Travel designs an instalment plan as a guide for your convenience, but we welcome a payment plan that suits you, provided the balance is received by the advised due date.

Can I pay in weekly/monthly deposits? 2018-05-29T03:07:54+00:00

Absolutely. Please contact us for details.

My child’s passport expires before the tour commences. When should I get this renewed? 2018-05-29T03:00:22+00:00

It is best practice to renew your child’s passport sooner rather than later, to avoid delays closer to departure.

My child’s passport has a few months’ validity left, is this okay? 2018-07-17T04:20:04+00:00

Your child’s passports must meet the minimum validity requirement to travel – there must be six months validity from the scheduled date of re-entry. Failure to meet this requirement can result in being denied boarding. If your child’s passport expires inside the minimum six months, Academy Travel strongly recommends you renew it as soon as possible to avoid problems at time of departure.

Will my child need a visa to travel? 2018-05-29T03:01:25+00:00

Australian passport holders to not need a visa to visit most countries we travel to, with the exception of Russia. Canada and USA require electronic/online visa registration. If your child is not an Australian passport holder, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will look into their entry requirements for you. Academy Travel can assist with most visa requirements if required.

Who will look after the passports? 2018-05-29T03:01:58+00:00

The school/supervising teachers will decide how the passports are handled on tour. If the school requests the passports be handled centrally, this can be arranged.

Will my child’s dietary needs be catered for on tour? 2018-05-29T03:02:30+00:00

Academy Travel is happy to cater to any reasonable dietary requirement. Please advise us on your child’s booking form what their dietary needs are, and we will be happy to make arrangements for them.

What should they pack? 2018-07-17T04:22:37+00:00

While packing for their trip it is important to consider the appropriateness of outfit choices for both the weather and scheduled visits on tour, such as places of worship. It is also essential you bring some comfortable walking shoes and a small travel umbrella or rain jacket. We also recommend your child bring a small bag for day trips (for carrying a water bottle, pen and paper, wallet, etc). Backpacks are a temptation for pickpockets and many museums will not allow them to be brought inside. Therefore, we recommend you bring a shoulder/crossbody bag no more than about 30cm x 20cm. A suggested packing list will be distributed at the pre-departure meeting.

What is the best way to keep in touch with my child while they are on tour? 2018-05-29T03:03:51+00:00

We encourage our tour participants to take an operating mobile phone with them. Keep in mind that global roaming calls and data can be very expensive, but there are international packages available on both plans and prepaid options with major phone companies. Texting still provides a reasonable way stay in touch. Alternatively, apps such as Viber, Skype, Line and WhatsApp are an excellent way of staying in touch via WIFI, which is available in many hotels, eateries, museums and public domains.

How much spending money is needed? 2018-09-25T05:16:57+00:00

This will depend on the tour package requested by the school. If the school selects the standard, all-inclusive package, the only additional money needed whilst on tour is for lunch each day. The cost of this will vary depending on the destination, but in general you should budget around $20 AUD per day. Any other additional expenses (such as souvenir shopping) is a personal decision and difficult to put a figure on.

What is the best way for my child to manage their money overseas? 2018-05-29T03:04:20+00:00

We recommend arranging a prepaid travel card through a company such as Travelex, and loading it with a sufficient sum before departure. This is more secure than cash, and can be used at retailers or at ATMs in most places around the world. Carrying some of the local currency in cash is appropriate, with majority of your child’s funds stored safely on a card.

What will the weather be like on tour? 2018-05-29T03:04:56+00:00

See the link to our recommended weather site.

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What our tour participants are saying

“We were all very impressed with every aspect of the tour. We have used Academy Travel since 2006. In that time, I have been on four of the tours and it gets better every time.”

"Very thankful for Academy Travel. The service was excellent and the product was far better than what I could have done alone.”

“I could not be happier with Academy Travel and have been telling all my teacher friends about the efficient organisation of the company. You helped make the process of organising a tour so much easier than I had anticipated and I could relax and enjoy the trip.”

“I could not fault Academy Travel. They did everything I asked for and more."

“The tour was amazingly well-organised and our compliments to Academy could not be higher. All staff and students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

“An excellent trip that was great value. Parents and boys were effusive in their praise.”

“Academy Travel gave us unprecedented levels of support. The tour was excellent and the students were supplied with everything they needed throughout the trip. They were given an unforgettable experience due to the care and professionalism shown by all Academy Travel staff. We will definitely be working with the company in the future.”

“As usual, brilliant support and organization from start to finish. All the worry and planning looked after for me. Everyone on our tour was completely satisfied and gained an invaluable experience."

“A fantastic tour! The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Your risk assessment matrix and pre-departure package made it easier when organizing the trip. Thanks for everything Academy!”

“To say we had the best time is an understatement; to say we had a great time is also an understatement. What can I say – words fail me. Everything about the tour was organized to perfection, everything ran so smoothly."

“The tour was fantastic and all students and staff were impressed. As co-ordinator, I felt support at every stage. Nothing was a problem.”

“An extremely professional tour from start to finish. The whole program was so well organised it made our trip that much better”.

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